New Content – March 13th, 2022

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Russia/Ukraine war – Is it Ezekiel 38-39?

The war between Russia and Ukraine appears to have no end in sight. In fact, things appear to be escalating according to the news headlines. Russia has even been continuing to go after civilians in what definitely appears to be war crimes. Putin (quite possibly Gog), doesn’t seem to care one bit about his completely evil actions. If he eventually invades Israel with his army and is supernaturally destroyed by God, then I would say Ezekiel 38-39 can be confirmed.

Stock Market

From my comments on and symbol UVXY (a leveraged volatility ETF) and the overall markets are higher and lower, respectively. Where do I see the markets from here? I see them going either one way, or the other; I think we are at a pivot point. The market could resume its uptrend if it holds at these levels, especially if the money printing continues. However, the trend is down (lower highs and lower lows on a broader perspective timeframe) so I personally anticipate the market to continue to sell-off. As I’ve said before, I think we see either a complete market crash or a parabolic inflationary type run to the upside given the unprecedented monetary environment we are in.


In regards to inflation, the February CPI number was at +7.9% YOY and was +7.5% YOY  in January. Therefore, the inflation situation appears to not be getting better but instead worse.

I even wrote an article on why hyperinflation is possible:

It seems that this is a real possibility even without looking too much at the data from an analytical standpoint. The Fed has largely increased the money supply, many are not working despite what the data says (lots of places have now hiring signs), the supply chain is still in some disarray as seen when physically going to the grocery store, and now it appears that COVID-19 is spreading again in China. If things don’t change, hyperinflation and not just stagflation is quite possible if you are asking me.

Gold and Silver

Despite bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies basically stalling here, gold and silver have seen some recent gains and appear to be just starting to breakout. This is one of the best times in a long-time to invest in precious metals in my opinion (though I’m in no way, shape, or form giving investment advice).

As I recently posted on twitter, an increase of money pouring into these commodities (among others) could be likely:


It appears that COVID-19 is spreading again in China as verified by multiple sources. Specifically, China’s Silicon Valley Shenzhen is currently under full lockdown at the time of this writing. Is this a redux of what we saw when COVID-19 originally starting spreading in the fall of 2019 and spring of 2020? Time will tell but it doesn’t look good. Also, is COVID-19 done mutating? If not, will the new COVID-19 mutations be serious enough to wreak havoc on the economy and more importantly, people’s lives and health? Or will the pandemic become more like the common flu and dissipate? Time will tell… 

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