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Rewards for believers in Jesus Christ


Most, if not all of us, are incentive-based. This is one of the reasons why capitalism is one of the best economic systems out there and provides the highest standard of living for all of us as a whole, especially compared to something like socialism. In addition to following and believing in God out of love, why else should someone live a Christian life in a world that persecutes and is very much intolerant towards the truth? In other words, this basic question comes to mind: what are the ultimate rewards for being a believer in Jesus Christ in a world that is against Christianity?

To be a believer, we need to do the following two things:

Acknowledge that Jesus Christ died for us and accept Him as our personal savior (Romans 10:9). And, live as a “born again” individual (John 3:3).

David Jeremiah wrote the following in his book, People Are Asking…Is This the End?: Signs of God’s Providence in a Disturbing New World:

What are some of the rewards promised to those who endure persecution?

  • They will be avenged (Revelation 6:9-11; 16:5-7; 18:20; 19:2).
  • They will be rewarded with white robes, signifying holiness and purity (6:11).
  • They will be given perfect and abundant lives free of sorrow (7:14-17).
  • Heaven will rejoice over them because they did not shrink from death (12:11-12).
  • They will find eternal rest (14:13).
  • They will reign with Christ for 1,000 years (20:4, 6).
  • They will receive the crown of eternal life (James 1:12).
  • They will have no more death to fear (1 Corinthians 15:54; Revelation 20:14). (78)
And, these aren’t even all of the rewards. Living forever without any pain and suffering whatsoever, with perfect joy, is good by itself if you want my opinion. Not only does one have hope and purpose on this side, when they get to the other side it will be all that much better for all of eternity. God is more than fair.

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