New Content – October 26th, 2021

Survival/household uses for aluminum foil

A security use for aluminum foil:

You can wrap your keys in aluminum foil to block the key fob signal – it may not completely block the signal, but it helps; purchased blocking bags are probably better.

Other uses for aluminum foil:

Note: Supposedly aluminum foil isn’t tin foil.

  1. Wrap trees to protect them.
  2. Catch fish – wrap a small square of tin foil around weights or hook. Reflecting light off of the foil can lure more fish in.
  3. Good surface for starting a fire (put tinder, kindle, cotton balls, etc., on the aluminum foil)
  4. Protect your hands from heat
  5. Instead of a tin can, use aluminum foil to make char cloth
  6. Wrap items multiple times to keep them dry
  7. Make pots and pans. (The melting temperature of aluminum is around 660 Degrees Celsius or 1220 degrees Fahrenheit.)
  8. Protect flames from the wind.
  9. Catch anything that boils over and spills which helps keep an oven clean.
  10. Collect rainwater
  11. Boil water – you can dig a hole, wrap the hole with aluminum foil, fill it with water, and finally put some rocks in a fire and transfer hot rocks over to the water.
  12. Make a funnel
  13. Make a plate
  14. Make a ball of foil and use it to scrub dirty pots and pans.
  15. Make ball of foil and use to scrub off rust.
  16. Protect soap and make it last longer.
  17. Fix loose batteries in something like a flashlight – wedge between the spring and battery.
  18. Wrap a foil ball around the ends of antenna to improve reception.
  19. Signal for help
  20. Fold a smooth sheet several times then start cutting. After a short while, your scissors will be nice and sharp.
  21. Find your way at night – hang foil from trees at eye level along a trail you plan on following at night
  22. Stay dry while you sleep by putting a layer of foil between you and sleeping bag or sleeping set.
  23. Tin Foil Hat 🙂

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