“So he called ten of his servants, delivered to them ten minas, and said to them, ‘Do business till I come, ‘Do business till I come'” (New King James Version, Luk. 19.13).

My name is Trenton Tracy. I’m currently studying Christian apologetics in order to defend, and hopefully show people, that Christianity is the truth. Many people may be seeking answers to questions — probably some questions that I used to have as an atheist and agnostic — which I hope to answer by providing relevant information.

Also, in regards to Christian eschatology and where the world is at on a Biblical timeline, here is my viewpoint as it relates to our current situation:

Even though people have been saying it for thousands of years, I believe we are in the end timesthat is, we are in, or near the beginning of, the Book of RevelationIf you look around the world as to what is going on, I think it shows that things are getting progressively worse or as we can look at it with a glass half-full approach, if we wish, things are falling into place. But, I’m not in any way date-setting; it may not be for another 50 or 500 years.

The weather is changing to unprecedented extremes (Click here to learn about “Climate change in the Last Days”); countries around the world are printing tons of fiat currency (Click here to learn about my opinions regarding paper money); government control is getting worse, moral decay is prevalent, rumors of war and actual war are happening (Is the stage being set for the “Battle of Gog and Magog”?); it seems we are at or close to peak technology (Click here for more info), Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0 has manifested itself into modern society (Click here to learn more); and we are “The Last Generation” given Israel became a nation state in 1948 in accordance with Bible prophecy. Not only this, but we seem to be in the last part of the last generation given, say, a generation is between 80 to 120 years.

The Antichrist spirit is here or near (many people will be deceived) and it’s only increasing in my opinion. Financially speaking (money runs the world, right?), the world’s reserve currency, the U.S. dollar, is being printed into oblivion. (Over 40 percent of U.S. dollars ever created were printed in 2020.) Doesn’t something just feel really, really wrong? The world stage really looks like it is set for the rise of the final Antichrist more than any other time in history as many things are converging.

As these events continue to unfold, I’m personally trying to live every day (with reference to Matthew 6:34), while also planning for the future, even to the point of studying survival stuff, edible plants, etc., in case I or others need this type of off-grid information (Click here to go to the Survival page). Yes, I believe it will eventually get this bad. I’m trying to improve myself daily in order to serve God and help others (with reference to Revelation 22:12). In the end, God wins. In fact, He has already won it just hasn’t played out yet, in my opinion. 

I believe we all should be careful and help each other as best as possible (with reference to Mark 9:35). We are all equal and in “God We Trust.” Again and no matter how the world skews it, “…God does not show favoritism” (New International Version, Rom. 2.11). God is 100 percent good and none of us are “good” – we are all sinful by nature.